About Us: Kindergarten

Your child will enter kindergarten at Blessed Sacrament School with a sense of awe, excitement, and wonder, which will be nurtured throughout the school year. Kindergarten students receive time, attention, and stimulation which encourage spiritual, academic, and social growth.

The kindergarten curriculum centers on essential skills in religion, language arts, math, science, and social studies. Below is a brief overview of each subject’s essential skills.


  • Theology of the Body
  • weekly Mass attendance
  • creation
  • prayer
  • the liturgical season
  • leading prayer services
  • introduction to the Bible
  • the Holy Trinity
  • the Golden Rule
  • stewardship

Language Arts

  • printing skills
  • sight words
  • communication
  • phonological awareness
  • Saxon phonics
  • reading strategies
  • vocabulary development
  • the writing process
  • listening and speaking


  • numbers and operations
  • patterns, shapes, color, size, sound/movement
  • counting
  • measurement and time
  • coin values
  • sorting
  • problem-solving


  • space
  • motion and stability
  • life cycles
  • Earth’s systems
  • forces
  • living and nonliving things

Social StudiesĀ 

  • culture
  • resources
  • law
  • historical events
  • geography
  • government
  • community
  • citizenship

Social Skills

  • free play
  • learning centers
  • responsibility and respect
  • big buddy program
  • morning meetings

Finding success in learning is essential. The kindergarten curriculum is individualized to serve the needs of our students. Response to Intervention, a researched-based, data-driven method of assessment, allows the teachers to direct instruction towards the levels and needs of all students.

Our small class size has a desirable student to teacher ratio. Each of our three kindergarten classrooms has both a highly-qualified teacher and a full-time aide.

Kindergarten students have art in their homerooms and travel to music, physical education, library, and technology classes. Field trips and guest speakers expose the children to different topics and experiences.

We offer both half-day and full-day kindergarten options. Half-day begins at the regular time (7:15) and dismisses at 10:30 daily. Transitional options (half-day to full-day) are also available to half-day students.

Please see ourĀ contact page for the staff list and contact information.