School Forms


School Medical Forms

This form is used to update emergency contact information (name, address, contact info, secondary emergency contacts, etc.) for your child/ren.  Please date the form, and send it to the main office.
This form is used to update student medical information (doctor, dentist, insurance, hospital, conditions, etc.) for your child/ren.  Please date the form, and send it to the main office.
Use this form when you are sending in an over-the-counter medication for your student (aspirin, ibuprofen, cough medicine, cough drops, allergy medicine, etc.).
Use this form when your child will need to take a prescription medication at school either short-term or long-term.
Starting February 15, 2021, all students participating in any school-sponsored athletic activities are required to complete and submit this waiver.  This waiver can also be submitted electronically by following this link.  


Misc. School Forms

This form can be filled out and submitted via e-mail to receive a refund of unused cafeteria funds in your child’s account.
Use this form to grant permission for your student to participate in any after-school activity.  The form should be filled out completely and returned to the coordinating staff member.
Chaperone GuidelinesHere are the guidelines and requirements for chaperones of any BSS-sponsored event.  Please read carefully if you intend to participate in a school-sponsored field trip or event.
Use this form to purchase gift cards from the BSS gift card program.  Gift cards cost face-value but benefit the BSS parents’ club!
Safe Environment Program – Parent Opt-Out FormThis form can be used to opt your student(s) out of the safe environment programs offered at school (Kids on the Block (K – 4) & the Council on Child Abuse (5 – 8)).