About Us: Primary

Blessed Sacrament’s primary grades nurture the love of learning that was instilled in students during kindergarten. Teachers employ a variety of methods and experiences to meet the needs of individual students to ensure active and engaged learning.

Cross-curricular units are implemented across content areas to increase student interest and mastery

Primary grade students also attend physical education, library, technology, art, and music classes. Spanish instruction begins in second grade.

Response to Intervention continues through the fourth grade. This research-based, data-driven method of instruction and assessment allows the teacher to direct instruction towards the levels and needs of the individual.

Please see below for an overview of the primary curriculum.


  • religious formation through Theology of the Body, prayer, Bible study, school theme, and textbooks
  • exposure to Catholic prayers including the Rosary
  • study of the Old and New Testament
  • celebrating Mass weekly
  • service and stewardship
  • introduction to the sacraments
  • spiritual gifts and understanding unique God-given S.H.A.P.E.s
  • examining the Saints’ lives
  • sacramental preparation in 2nd grade for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion
Language Arts

  • Orton-Gillingham based Saxon Phonics continues through 2nd grade
  • our textbook combines reading, writing, spelling, and grammar instruction which helps strengthen critical thinking skills, bolster learning, and encourage independence.
  • Primary grade students learn a love of reading through exposure to various genres of literature

  • active lessons that incorporate manipulatives, games, and technology
  • problem-solving is the center of math learning and concepts are taught through real-world, hands-on experiences
  • primary essential skills focus on computation, operations and algebraic thinking, measurement and data, number and operations, fractions, and geometry

  • introduction to and application of the scientific method
  • essential skills focusing on space exploration, earth’s systems, weather and climate, waves and radiation, properties of matter, chemicals and reactions, and forces and interactions
  • hands-on interactive experiments give students the ability to interact with the curriculum and develop a love of science
Social Studies

  • a sense of citizenship in the primary grades begins to emerge through the social studies curriculum
  • developing map and graph skills, the ability to use primary sources, and economic concepts
  • essential skills include interaction with local and world geography, investigate the relationship between human and environment interaction, explore the impact of various cultures, learn about conflict, and become familiar with government
  • primary curriculum culminates with Kentucky and American History taught in the 4th grade

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