About Us: Specialists

At Blessed Sacrament, we pride ourselves on the educational experience we provide our students.  Our goal is for students to not only achieve in their core subjects, but also discover a love for learning.  We are happy to offer the following specialist classes to students in our building to support that goal.

Specialist Classes

These specialist classes are regular, weekly classes for all students in the specified grades.  Students are evaluated in most of these specialist classes using standards-based grading.  Spanish classes are assessed using the normal grade-level scoring method.

ArtK – 8Formal art classes begin in kindergarten.  Students study various artists, art styles, and artistic periods, and they create art in the style of known artists.  Our end-of-the-year Fine Arts Day provides students the opportunity to showcase their artwork throughout the building to visitors and local artists.
Enrichment4 – 8Students in grades 4 – 8 can qualify to participate in an enrichment program called “Explore.”  Students are identified using a composite score from three standardized assessments.  Students in 4th grade have enrichment courses once a week.  In grades 5 – 8, students have enrichment courses twice a week.
Music PK – 8Starting in preschool, students will develop a love and appreciation of music.  They will engage in hands-on learning experiences where they will learn, listen, and play a variety of music styles and genres.  They will demonstrate their skills to the community at various times throughout the school year.
Physical EducationPK – 8Students hone their motor skills starting in preschool.  They learn teamwork, respect, and cooperation through engagement in organized-physical activity and team sports.  In the middle and upper grades, students work on the same skills as well as physical fitness.
SpanishPK, 3 – 8Students inPK, 3rd, and 4th grade are introduced to the Spanish language and begin building a base for more advanced-language learning.  In 5th – 6th grade, students continue learning the finer nuances of the Spanish language.  In 7th – 8th grades, students master enough Spanish that ~30% of the graduating class tests out of Spanish I at the high school level!
STEMPK – 8STEM is a program that focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. While participating in STEM, students will be exposed to a wide variety of technology, hands-on activities, and interactive experiments.  They will build upon the skills gained in the classrooms through real-world investigations that extend to practical applications beyond the classroom.


Additional Specialists

These specialists work with any students in grades K – 8 on an as-needed basis.

Math SpecialistOur math specialists work to ensure all students are pushed to improve, no matter where they start.  Whether it be small remedial groups, whole-group support, or enrichment groupings, math specialists work to facilitate appropriate, high-level math instruction.
Reading SpecialistOur reading specialist supports both students and staff.  They work with individuals, small groups, in classrooms, and with staff to monitor and support reading skills.  The reading specialist evaluates and implements additional reading support programs/resources to ensure all students are progressing.
Academic SupportOur academic support specialists provide support to any student with a diagnosed learning disability.  From core-instruction support and organizational skills to homework help, our academic support specialists work individually, in small groups, or in classrooms to ensure all students are working in their least-restrictive environment.
CounselingOur part-time, licensed counselor works in a variety of capacities.  The counselor facilitates whole-group sessions on healthy relationships and friendship building.  Moreover, the counselor supports students in need of one-on-one attention, addresses social and emotional issues, and communicates regularly with parents to ensure the child’s support system at home and school are working collaboratively in the best interest of the child.


To learn more about the specific teacher for each specialist class, please see our staff page.